Examples of assignments we undertake us.

The assignments can range from several years, full-time to perhaps only two days per week, or a short assignment for a month.

Interim - Staffing Service

We can help with Accountant, Production Controller, Business Controller, Financial Manager, Accounting Manager, CFO and maintains a position at e.g. sickness, parental leave, high load or at an recruitment.

Project Management - Consulting

It can be that you need to review and improve procedures, assist with project management at ERP systems change, develop controlling and reports or evaluate employees and help as a mentor.

Shared Service Center / Outsourcing

To evaluate and maybe implement that a group, create a shared service center, for example, AP / AR handling or to outsource parts or all of the finance functions.


Examples of program I worked with:

Have very easy to learn new systems, since I have great understanding of systems.

Pris exempel på Interima Ekonomer - Personaluthyrning

Vi tar betalt efter vad respektive tjänst har för "normal lönekostnad" med ett mindre tillägg som beror på längd mm.

  • Ekonom - J:r Controller

    350-500 Kr / Tim
    • Redovisningsekonom, Junior Controller
    • Reskontra, bokföring, utredning mm
    • Enklare rapportering, backlogg
    • Momsdeklarationer mm.
  • CFO - Business Controller

    750-1000 kr / Tim
    • CFO / Ekonomichef i Grupp eller större bolag
    • Business Controller (ansvar mer än 1 miljard)
    • Starta Shared Service center
    • Svårtillgängliga orter i Sverige / Europa

Om ekonomi - interim management ...

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